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The 6 Best Full Beard Styles For Men

January 14, 2020 3 Minutes

It’s not hard to understand why men have embraced their facial hair over the last few years in this ever-growing beard trend - with facial hair helping us to spice up our look and give us a kick of confidence when we need it. 

That being said, this trend doesn’t extend to messy, untamed beards, but rather well-groomed and styled facial hair. If you’re on the hunt for a fresh look, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 6 of thebest full beard styles to try for yourself. 

Corporate Beard 

The corporate beard is one of the most popularfull beard styles that can be rocked by anyone. 

This look is a full-face beard, with no loose hairs and neat borders along the cheek, neck, and moustache. This makes the facial hair appear much more presentable and professional. 

As the name suggests, the corporate beard is perfect for the office, meetings, or any other business-related outing. 

Verdi Beard 

A perfect option for those looking to shake up their corporate look is the Verdi beard - a slightly styled twist on the classic look. 

The Verdi is a short, full beard that involves neat lines and a rounded base. Standing out is a well-groomed moustache, extending above the corner of the mouth and into a subtle curl. 

Moustache wax can go a long way towards helping to achieve the iconic curve of the Verdi -click here to check out the Truefitt And Hill Gentleman’s Moustache Wax in the online store. 

Short Stubble 

Sometimes, less is more - and for those hoping to manage one of the simplerfacial hair styles, you can’t go wrong with short stubble. The look can typically be achieved just by not shaving for a few days - though there are a few ways you can maintain the beard to keep it looking clean, rather than just unshaven. 

For this style, you’ll need abeard trimmer with variable length options. After choosing your length, run the trimmer over the stubble until it’s even. From here, you can clean up the neck, moustache, and cheeks to establish neat borders... 


Lumberjack Beard

Otherwise known as the Woodsman Beard, the lumberjack is one of the more impressive feats when it comes to growing a beard - particularly due to the amount of patience involved with achieving the look. 

The lumberjack style is a much longer look, but still with clean cheeks and a neat neckline. With the sheer amount of facial hair, keeping it moisturised and healthy for optimal growth is important - so you’re going to need a quality beard oil on your lumberjack journey.

Try theMan Mint Beard Oil by The Groomed Man Co - containing a blend of natural, botanical oils to kick your beard health up a notch. 


If you thought the lumberjack was wild, just wait until you see the Yeard. 

Thesefull beard styles are exactly what they sound like - 1 full year of beard growth without any shaving ortoo much trimming. The result? An insanely long, full beard that is worn like a medal.

After the year of persistence and growing, you can style the Yeard to achieve a much cleaner look, particularly by taming those sideburns and loose hairs. Just be sure not to disrupt the vertical growth - after all, the length of the Yeard is its trademark. 

Again, with the amount of facial hair that comes with this style, select a few beard-care products that are going to wash andnourish your beard

Uniform Beard 

Another one of the popularfull beard styles is the uniform beard - characterised by a consistent length throughout and the rounded point under the chin while the moustache casually mixes with the facial hair. 

The uniform beard is one of thebest beard styles for round faces or oval faces. 

With the tidy, groomed look, a uniform beard is a professional option for the office, while also letting you adopt some length into your facial hair.

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