Italfama was founded in 1976 near Florence, thanks to Aldo Marsili and his passion for chess, but especially thanks to his abilities in craft work and his artistic passion.
The first chessboards made for his friends were so successful that very soon, what started as a simple hobby, became a fully-fledged life’s work, making Italfama a world class factory in the production of high quality chess pieces and chessboards. Italfama offers chessboards in both classic and contemporary style, as well as historically themed chess pieces such as those from famous battles and characters from ancient and modern history.

To create the Italfama chessboards, precious materials are carefully chosen, like elm and walnut briar wood, semiprecious stones like onyx, Carrara marble and malachite, while the chess pieces were fashioned with the use of many metals, including solid brass and bronze, in various finishes that span from classic satin to refined gold and silver.

It is no stretch to say, that Italfama make some of if not the best chess and game sets literally, on Earth.