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Inside Gallantoro

Roger and Sam from Gallantoro


Hi, I'm Roger, one of the founders of Gallantoro and the guy on your left above. Sam (the gent on the right) and I have been great friends since high-school, and ended up working at the same company not once, but twice. One day whilst on our lunch break, we made a decision - we need to come up with something we can do together, and work for ourselves and not others. We were/are naturally very passionate men who wanted to create things and leave a legacy, so to speak. So we begun thinking of what we could do.

Our interests overlapped, being we both wanted to make a difference to men in the world, and also noted how good quality mens goods were lacking (or at the least, hard to find). So we came up with the idea of a site where people could go to find great and unique mens goods from around the world, for themselves or as a gift, and also eventually, an organisation to help men get back to their roots of what it once meant to be a man. To make Gallantoro viable we decided to focus on the retail aspect first, and with many trips to the US and other places, we managed to source some of the nicest and most unique mens goods we could find. We began humbly, putting in whatever money we had left in our bank accounts, and operated out of the back of Sam's garage. We can safely say we've outgrown that space! 

With a dedication to great products, the best service and an overall wonderful shopping experience, we are constantly growing and expanding our range as well as our services. 

We hope you enjoy shopping with us, and following us on our journey to not only provide great products, but great meaning as well.





Gallantoro is dedicated to reviving the spirit of what it means to be a gentleman by embracing the traditions of the old – not because it seems like a cool thing to do – but because they encapsulate it in all its forms.

By looking to the past we unearth seven ethics of value ­– many of them forgotten ­– including; courage; justice; generosity; loyalty; respect; humility and hope. Each of these attributes underpin the Gallantoro way.

As a unique online destination, Gallantoro invites you to take part in discussions, peruse feature articles and share insights that speak to the gentleman in us all.

We believe in the value of presentation and have roamed the globe to provide a curated collection of signature pieces that emit a level of class and sophistication that makes the man.

And so we invite you to tap into the gentleman within, wear our collections with pride and share a combined passion for the gentlemanly revival that is Gallantoro.