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The 8 Most Common Shaving Mistakes That Most Men Commit

February 12, 2019 4 Minutes

Despite being a weekly routine, gentlemen from all walks of life continue to commit the most basic shaving mistakes. Whether it’s shaving with cold water or not incorporating aftershave into the process, these elements and more are contributing to skin irritation, ingrown hairs, razor burn, and most importantly, an unsatisfying shave. However just by becoming aware of and eliminating these habits, you can take control and get the most out of your shaving routine (your skin thanks you). Whether you’re using a single blade razor or a mens shaver - here are 8 common shaving mistakes you need to know.


Starting The Process With Cold Water

One of the most common shaving mistakes kicks off right at the start of the process: preparing you skin with cold water. Although it’s undeniably much more convenient, cold water shrinks your pores, overall making it much harder for moisturisers and oils to break through the skin. Instead, try shaving directly after having a hot shower or incorporate a hot towel facial wash into your shaving routine.


Neglecting The Preparation Phase

What can’t we achieve with the proper preparation? Just by establishing a thought-out, personalised pre-shaving routine, you can achieve a completely new level of results. We’ve already covered the hot towel, but there’s a few other key habits you should also be adopting. Firstly, cleansing your skin daily can remove any dirt or oil on your face that has built up. With a high possibility of cutting your skin during a shave, it’s always wise to start with a clean slate. Secondly, moisturisers can cleanse the skin while helping to retain moisture, overall combatting dry skin (which comes hand in hand with shaving). Solid State’s moisturiser is an ideal option - it’s safe for daily use on all skin types and includes vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin A to protect the skin from oxidants and lessen the effects of ageing.


Shaving Against The Grain

In the vast world of men’s grooming, shaving against the grain is a common mistake that men continue to commit time and time again. Just by moving the razor in the direction your facial hair grows, you’ll avoid skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and razor burn. So, how can you determine which direction your facial hair is growing? It varies from person to person, but you can figure it out for yourself. Run your fingers over your cheeks, chin etc. from every direction. That rough or prickly feeling will lessen when you’re moving in the direction that your hair is growing. That’s the direction you should be shaving in.


Rushing The Process

Ultimately, rushing through the shaving process will lead to irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. Next time you go for a shave, put some time aside. Be much more deliberate with your razor’s motions and take your time. You’ll notice the difference. As they say, patience is a virtue.


Applying Too Much Pressure

A guiding hand is much more effective than a forceful one, especially when you’re shaving. Pressing down on the razor can cause the skin to become uneven, which will lead to an ineffective shave. If you really want a closer shave, try applying a softer touch. Having a much lighter hand will overall deliver a closer shave while also reducing the risk of receiving a nasty cut.


Using Your Razor Too Much

There are a handful of shaving tactics you can adopt to extend your razor’s lifespan. Washing your face with warm water and actively using your pre-shaving products will leave less work for the razor. Although once the blades go blunt, it’s all over. Shaving with blunt blades is also a major contributor to skin irritation. Rather than putting it off, reinvest in a new razor when the time comes. If you think it’s time for a new razor, head over to the online store and check out our luxurious shaving sets.


Forgetting The Post-Shave Check

Double-check your work! This may sound like a no-brainer, however men are consistently uncovering patches missed during their shaving routine. Sure, shaving cream can be thick and it’s easy to miss a spot or two, although there’s a simple solution. Take an extra minute or so, look closely at your shave, and ensure there’s no stone left unturned.


Where’s The Aftershave?

Despite it’s importance, many gentleman continue to leave aftershave out of their shaving ritual. A common misconception is that aftershave is purely used for it’s aroma, however this isn’t necessarily true. Aftershave can help sooth any skin irritation while also acting as an antiseptic for any cuts or nicks. Not to mention, with the diverse array of aromas available, it can be an exciting element to add into your shaving routine. Truefitt and Hill’s Aftershave Balm is a perfect option for those with sensitive skin. The product contains lanolin and aloe vera, which can help keep skin irritation at bay.


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