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Corporate Gifts Australia

Gallantoro is the Australian home for Corporate Gifts, whether you’re just looking for Corporate Gift Ideas, or you’ve searched for Corporate Gifting Sydney  or Corporate Gifts Australia to try and find a one stop shop to organise all your Corporate or Business Gifts and Presents for your company, business or organisation. We operate from Sydney, Australia, so we offer fast and quick shipping for Corporate Gifts in Sydney, however we cover Corporate Gift Ideas across all of Australia, including Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Hobart and everywhere in-between We are also international, so really it doesn’t matter if you’re in Los Angeles or Launceston, we’ve got Corporate Gifting covered. 
What we don’t offer, is cheap and tacky branded promotional products, like USB sticks or bic pens. Our range is a curated selection of unique and quality goods from around the world, such as high quality brassware, hand made timber products, chess sets, pizza ovens, leather goods and more.
"Gallantoro was born out the idea that there are very few places to shop online (in particular in Australia) for unique and quality gifts for men. We found the majority of gift giving stores were very tacky, with cheap knock offs of items or cheesy toilet humour knick knack gifts that don't cater to a lot of men today who are very hard to buy for. Another problem was having stores with too many selections of one item, making it very difficult to buy for a man. These are two of the main reasons why we started Gallantoro, to offer a store where we curate fine goods and gifts for men, that are unique, special, and sure to make an impression, whilst also making the shopping experience easy for those looking to purchase a gift for a hard to buy for man."


One of the key differences with Gallantoro as we stated above, is most of our range would be classified as Luxury Corporate Gifting, espeically in comparison to standard coprporate gifts that most are used to. We do offer personalised corporate gifts also, especially when engraving timber or brass products, or debossing or embossing on our range of Leather Goods.



If you’re looking for high quality, unique and rare corporate gifts for your company, please get in touch with us by phone or email, or just start by having a browse of our range.


Below is a list of some of our current products that are popular amongst corporate gifting.
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