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The Gallantoro Code

Once upon a time, men lived with a sense of honour and pride in how they behaved, how they displayed themselves and how they treated their fellow man. The present day is a far cry from what being a man once represented. We are faced with a population of boys in men's bodies, a generation who have all but forgotten what it once meant to be a gentleman. 

We believe there are fundamental characteristics that each man should grasp, understand, and live by. We have developed a code that encapsulates the essence of the traits of what a man once was, and what we strive to reignite in the hearts of men everywhere.


This is The Gallantoro Code 


Courage | Be Brave

For when you are called upon, rise up and prepare for battle. Whether you are combating your own inner demons or standing up for what you believe, display your courage proudly in the face of adversity.


Justice | Eliminate Inequity

For when the social equilibrium fails, rise up and deliver what you know to be just, to that which is wrong.


Generosity | Give Freely

He who leads a generous life, enriches his own character even further, as he deals good to those deserving around him.


Loyalty | Unwavering Allegiance

My word is my bond. Nothing shall break it. As is a mans loyalty to those he pledges it to, and thus expects in return.


Respect | Bestow Honour

By serving it to those who are of merit, but also to yourself, your values, morals - your life.


Humility | Banish Ego

Be gracious in defeat and humble in triumph.


Hope | Relentless Pursuit

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today." James Dean