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How To Upgrade Your Home Office

March 22, 2021 4 Minutes

With more and more peopleworking from home these days, learninghow to upgrade your home office is a must-do. 

Not only will the process help to streamline your productivity and motivation whileworking from home, but you can also customise your space to suit your needs and interests. Before you know it, you’ll be left with acool home office that’ll be the envy of your colleagues. 

Are youworking from home? Learnhow to upgrade your home office with these quick tips below. 

How to upgrade your masculine home office

Get Organised 

Learninghow to upgrade your home office starts with understanding the importance of organisation - it’s key for creating an effective and seamless workflow! 

Start by taking the time to organise as many aspects of your office as you can. Eliminate clutter, minimise your desk-top, grab adesk organiser, create a filing system, untangle cords, and create a work schedule for yourself.

These tasks may seem simple at first glance, though in the long run, they’ll do wonders for your productivity. 

When it comes to organising those pesky cords, this gorgeous leather Cord Wrap by Gallantoro can do wonders. The piece is specifically designed for basic home and office organisation - keeping all your wires, pens, and knick-knacks in one easy spot. 

As for adesk organiser, this Solid Maple Hex Tray by Maxx & Unicorn will do the trick. It features three geometric compartments to provide homage for those essential office accessories. 


Be Creative With Decor 

One of the best parts aboutworking from home is that you have complete control over your surroundings - which you can tailor to exude positivity and spark conversation in your space. The sky’s the limit here. You can add anything you’d like to decorate your office and breathe a bit of life into it. 

Propeller Home Office

For example, if you’re on the hunt for a truly unique piece for your home office, consider this Small Propeller by AM Living. This hand-crafted piece is made from solid wood, with double-striped tips to contrast the subtly weathered blades. It’s a fun piece that’ll make an eye-catching addition to any space. 


Invest In Practical Gear

Aside from your decor, it’s also well worth investing in practical gear that’ll boost your productivity and make your home office more functional. There are those obvious items like a comfortable chair and desk - though what about some of the smaller devices that’ll help you achieve a seamless flow in your workspace?

For example, this Desk Knife Plinth by Craighill would be a practical and functional addition to any workspace. This sculpture-like piece includes a pyramid base cast in pigmented concrete, with space to safely secure the knife. Is there a more luxurious way to open important documents? 


Or, if you’re tired of wasting time searching for your glasses, you could pop this Eyewear Stand by Craighill on your desk. This cast-brass pedestal accommodates a wide range of lens sizes and will act as a deluxe throne for your spectacles. 


Infuse Your Personality 

As well as investing in practical gear and casual decor, it’s also well-worth grabbing a few meaningful items to help breathe your own personality and interests into the space. 

For example, if you’re partial to adventure or history - this Ancient Map Globe by Italfama would act as a subtle nod or memento to these interests. Standing tall at 21cm on top of a sturdy marble base, it’s the perfect way to add a touch of class to your home office. 

Or, if your interests include old-fashion gaming, specifically chess, then this Classic Chess Set by Italfama would be another great practical addition to your office. Crafted in Italy with hand-made metal and wooden pieces, this traditional chess set just exudes elegance. 

These are just a few examples - get creative with your decor to infuse your personality into your workspace.


Use Wall Decor 

Everycool home office needs some stunning wall decor. After all, a simple picture or painting can bring the space to life, showcase your interests, provide a visual treat, and add a deluxe finish to the home office. 

For instance, consider this Pontoon Spitfire photograph. Printed on premium paper, this piece shows the distinct WWII Spitfire soaring towards the frame and over a young woman enjoying some sun.

Nail The Scent 

The devil’s in the details - not only do you have the free-will to design and curate the visual aesthetic of your home office, but you also have the freedom to choose the scent. It may sound insignificant at first glance - though with this privilege to choose, why not run with it? Pick an aroma that you’ll not only enjoy sniffing but will also help you focus on the task at hand. 

This Lumira Arabian Oud Scented Candle can do just that - bringing warmth to the space by recreating the mystifying, rich charm of the Middle East. Plus with a burning time of 80 hours, this candle will be sure to stick around for the long haul. 


Subtle Motivation 

Aside from the wall decor and practical additions to your home office, it’s important to remember what the sole purpose of this space is. This is why it’s always handy to have a piece of subtle motivation, to keep your mind focused and driven towards your higher goals. 

This Never Give Up Statue by Italfama is the perfect example of adding subtle motivation into your workspace. This bronze-resin statue is a simple source of inspiration in moments of need. The piece showcases the struggle of taking one step forward each day toward your purpose, despite the weight that drags you back. Persistence is everything. 

With these quick tips and essential products by your side, learninghow to upgrade your home officebecomes a much easier task. Enjoy! 

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