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10 Gifts For The Man Who Has Everything And Wants Nothing

March 23, 2021 4 Minutes 3 Comments

Are you hunting forgifts for the man who has everything and wants nothing? We’ve got you covered - below, we’ve listed 10 gift ideas that he’ll be sure to love - take a look! 


Keepsake Box | Gallantoro

Keepsake Box Gift for Men

For the sentimental bloke in your life, we have this Gallantoro Keepsake Box - perfect for storing those small mementos or tokens in his life. It’s made from Australian hardwood jarrah with an inlay of silky oak - with an assortment of smaller details in the construction that are worth appreciating. This includes brass plated hinges and black velvet ling.

Each box is hand-made and takes about 5 - 10 hours to build. With such fine craftsmanship, this box can quite literally last many lifetimes, since it’s designed to be a legacy item - passed down from one generation to another. 


uKeg 64 Copper Plated | GrowlerWerks 

Beer Keg Gift Present

Next up, we have the Copper Plated uKeg 64 by Growlerwerks. It’s the perfect gift for blokes passionate about keeping their beer fresh and colder for longer - whether they’re on the go or at home. 

This half-gallon mini keg keeps the liquid fresh and carbonated for up to 2-weeks, and cold for 8 hours. It’s double-walled, vacuum insulated, and made from stainless steel - so you know it’ll be sticking around for a while. The traditional copper design and customisable tap handle make it feel like you’re pouring a drink in an old-fashioned brewery. 

The best part about the Growlerwerks range is that there’s plenty to choose from - whether he’s looking for a mini-keg or a cold-brew coffee maker. Click here to view the entire range. 


New Worlds Gin | True North 

Whiskey Set Gift Australia

Perhaps he’s more into his spirits, like gin? If so, this New WorldsGin Release by True North will guide him through the creative wave of various Australian gin styles. 

He can look forward to sampling five diverse and contemporary gins - with a tasting notes booklet to make each gin a sensory and educational experience. The pack includes gin from craft distillers such as Distillery Botanica, Archie Rose Distilling Co, Four Pillars, and more. 


Trucker Cap | Goorin Bros 

Hat Gift for Men Australia

Help him to make a statement without saying a word with these stylish Trucker Caps by Goorin Bros

The range features an assortment of classic and timeless styles to choose from - with each design having its own unique flair and personality. With the wide range available, finding the perfect hat for him couldn’t be easier. 

Plus, the fact that these headpieces are 100% cotton, adjustable, and very breathable is just icing on the cake. 


Koda Portable Gas-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven | Ooni 

Ooni Koda Buy Australia Best Pizza Oven

Cooking pizza outdoors has never been so easy with this Koda Portable Gas-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven - it has everything you need to make jaw-dropping pizza in just 60-seconds!

Setting up this oven seriously couldn’t be any easier - it’s pretty much ready to use out of the box. All you need to do is flip down the legs, insert the stone baking board, and connect the gas - so simple.  

This compact device is enough to kick any gathering or party up to the next level. 


G.I. Joe Cologne | EastWest Bottlers

Unique Mens Cologne Gift Present Australia Best Perfume Male

For the guy that has every cologne, we suspect he hasn’t gotten his hands on this one yet - the G.I. Joe Cologne by EastWest Bottlers. It’s inspired by those real American heroes of the past, with a contemporary scent to suit the modern gentleman. 

The complex scent features fresh, woodsy aromas with notes of blood orange, smoky flint, red clay, and hickory. It’s packed into an eye-catching canteen-styled flask and wrapped with a military-grade canvas to protect the cologne in the coming years. 


Meater+ With Bluetooth Repeater

Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

If you’re shopping for a grill-master, this Meater+ Wireless Thermometer will make a great addition to his grilling or smoking kit. 

The device is packed with plenty of intriguing features, including two sensors and one probe to monitor internal meat temperature and ambient. There’s also an advanced estimator algorithm to suggest how long he can expect for the food to cook and rest. He can even monitor his cook via Bluetooth from a phone or tablet - what’s not to love?

For blokes new to grilling, there’s also a guided cook system that walks him through each step to get great and consistent results. 


Eyewear Stand | Craighill

Best Glasses Stand Brass Eyewear

If he’s a fiend for misplacing or losing his glasses, consider grabbing him this deluxe Eyewear Stand byCraighill. It’s a cast brass pedestal specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of frames. 

Frantically searching for his glasses will be a thing of the past - once he pops this eye-stand on his desk or next to the bed, his eyewear will have a throne of their own. 


Grandeur Brass Table-Top Telescope | Saxon 

Cool Table Top Telescope Brass Present Man

Whether he appreciates astronomy or is looking for classy decor for his home office, this Grandeur Brass Table-Top Telescope is the perfect gift.

It’s made from polished brass with a mahogany finish and excellent optics to accompany. The piece has a 50mm objective lens and a 15-45x variable zoom magnification. With a traditional design and modern performance, this truly unique telescope can add a dash of class and functionality to any room in the house. 


Yoda Figurine | Royal Selangor 

Yoda Figurine Present Star Wars

If you’re shopping for a Star Wars fanatic (we all know at least one), you can’t go wrong with this elegant Royal Selangor Yoda Figurine

This collectible is extremely detailed - highlighting the wizened appearance of the beloved Jedi Master as he’s about to demonstrate his fearless expertise with a lightsaber. It also comes with Star Wars Official License Packaging. 

Whether he’s a hardcore fan or a casual viewer, this unique piece will be sure to surprise and delight. 

With these 10 simple ideas by your side, findinggifts for the man who has everything and wants nothing quickly becomes a breeze. Good-luck!


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