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How to Survive a Plane Crash

August 04, 2015 2 Minutes

Some Basic Tips to Increase Your Chances of Surviving a Plane Crash

It seems like every other week, we hear reports of a plane going down somewhere around the globe - six incidents this year so far, with the most recent three being on the runway. So although Boeing, Airsafe and the FAA say there is no seat safer than the other, you can increase your chances of survival or limit your injury, based on a couple of key factors. This is particularly true as the vast majority of incidents, occur close to take off or landing, so a little tact and vigilance can turn a potentially long term injury or death, into something far less severe. 

Today, we're going to keep it really simple, and focus on just two aspects that you can control, to increase your chances of safety in case of an airline incident. 



The further back you sit, the greater your chances of survival. Passengers near the tail end of a plane have about a 40 percent more chance to survive a crash, than those in the first few rows. I don't know about you, but I like those odds. 

Popular Mechanics studied every commercial jet crash in the USA since 1971, they had a combination of fatalities and survivors (if the plane goes head first into the ground, there really isn't much you can do, no matter where you're sitting). In 11 of the 20 crashes, the rear passengers clearly were safer. The reasoning why this is hasn't been extensively discussed, but it could have something to do with point two coming up, and the angle of the aircraft on take off and landing. 



This refers to the first three minutes after take off and the last eight minutes prior to landing. About 80% of all accidents/crashes occur during this minute time frame in an aircraft's journey. So, apart from sitting to the rear of the plane, remember to stay vigilant and alert during these few minutes, and of course, be ready for action. The majority of incidents are minor, and a man who is alert and ready is far more likely to survive/remain uninjured than one who is asleep or watching a movie, during this time frame.

And as always, be ready for anything!


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