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The Dream to Fly | Jetman Over Dubai

May 14, 2015 1 Minutes

"If you have a dream, if you have an idea, even it's crazy? Try it." 

It's the fundamental dream of so many. The dream of flight. This video, and these men, are creating something truly beautiful, getting closer and closer to that dream, where we become a part of nature, a part of the sky. 

Yves Rossy is living this dream, and now with Vince Reffet, taking to the skies above Dubai to create a stunningly shot and mesmerising video, that reminds us of what lies within the capabilities of life - of what is possible. 

"I'm not playing with death, I'm playing with life."

It's great men like these that remind others, to keep dreaming. Enjoy.



"The real dream is to be completely free. Completely free."



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