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TOP 5 Tom Cruise Stunts

March 31, 2015 3 Minutes 2 Comments

Tom Cruise : The Top Gun Stunt Man

Love him or hate him (I love him), Tom Cruise is one cool dude. Tom loves making movies, with Jaime Foxx even recalling whilst on set of Collateral ,that at one stage Tom pulled him aside as said "isn't this great! We're making a movie!" 

Another thing he also seems to love, is performing the majority (if not all) of his own stunts, and some of these stunts take some serious brass balls.


Exhibit A  
Tom Cruise on set of Ghost Protocol
With the release of the trailer for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, comes Tom's latest super stunt - hanging from a plane soaring 5,000 feet above the English countryside.            




So let's go through and look at the top five Tom Cruise stunts, in no particular order...

Stunt 1. Sky Runner
Movie: Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol
Stunt: Sequence on the exterior of the Burj Khalifa

Ethan Hunt literally runs across and down the side of the tallest building on Earth, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

"I literally had to figure a way to fly,’ says Cruise, ‘because even with months of training, I didn't anticipate the crosswinds you get when you’re up that high. Once I figured out how to use my feet as rudders and got the spatial awareness, we got the shots we wanted."

David James has worked with Cruise on many films as a set photographer, says the stunts on Ghost Protocol were the most impressive he's ever seen the actor do.

"I've never seen Cruise not do the stunts for a film, but those scenes we shot on the Burj Khalifa in Dubai - I’m still in awe of what he did...The one that really freaked me out was in the scene where he runs down the building - he really did run down the building attached to a wire - called a descender."


Stunt 2. Drive
Movie: Jack Reacher
Stunt: The elaborate and dangerous car chase, with Tom doing 100% of the driving.

Yes, all the driving. They chewed through 8 Chevelles to film the sequence, a ninth given to Tom. The scene involving the engine stall was unplanned, but the director decided to keep the film rolling and Tom stayed in character. 


Stunt 3. Cliffhanger
Movie: Mission: Impossible II
Stunt: Tom free climbing on Dead Horse Point, Utah
The sequence at the start of the film shows Ethan Hunt climbing the face of a cliff, doing 99% of the climbing, including holding in the crucifix position, and the jump sequence from one rock to the next. Of course Tom was wired up well, but still... that takes guts!



Stunt 4. It's Raining Fishies
Stunt: A giant fish tank explodes with Ethan Hunt making a daring escape from a restaurant. 
Apparently the scene was Tom's idea, and involved sixteen tonnes of water, explosions and plenty of shattered glass. A cool looking stunt with Tom running off to safety with a colossal mess left in his wake. 


Stunt 5. Knife to the Eye
Movie:Mission: Impossible II
Stunt: A knife fight climaxes with Tom being a hairs breadth from blindness.

John Woo thought a knife fight between Tom Cruise and Dougray Scott needed to look more dangerous, so he suggested Scott just stop the blade just short of Tom's eyeball. Cruise loved the idea, and yes the knife was real! The smart thinking involved a cable measured to stop the blade a quarter inch from Tom's eye. 

and now, the newest entry...

Mission: Impossible : Rogue Nation

This time round, Tom decides to hang from a plane above the countryside of the UK. The Airbus A400M took a steep climb to 5,000ft with Tom hanging on a side entry, horizontal. 

“There was no time in the film, whether it was racing bikes, drifting cars at high speed [or] fighting multiple opponents … that I would have replaced Tom with a stuntman, they simply couldn't have done it any better.” Wade Eastwood, Mission Impossible Stunt Director


2 Responses

Endang Rinasih Pakso Wati
Endang Rinasih Pakso Wati

April 26, 2021

I LOVE Tom Cruise!


May 05, 2015

I’ve read a few Jack Reacher novels and when I heard Tom Cruise as the title chtaacrer I knew I would be avoiding this. The trailer just proved my suspicion, seems like a weak plot based on a hollywood star who is nothing like what the books describes Jack as.

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