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Jeep Chief

March 20, 2015 1 Minutes

All hail the Chief.

Thousands more people will be saying "I bought a Jeep" if the new Jeep Chief recently unveiled by Jeep, is put into production. Based on the Wrangler but inspired by the 1970's era Cherokee, this concept is sheer beauty. It combines old school classic styling, with muscle and a modern feel. A 3.6 litre V-6 engine powers the Chief, with a six-speed manual transmission, cropped doors and windshield, custom razor grille, removable sides, chrome bumpers, the works! All topped off with 17-inch slotted mag wheels. 

The Chief was revealed the vintage looking 4x4 for the 49th annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. 

Sadly, I doubt it will ever make production, some things are meant to remain dreams...


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