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Sonsy XL Outdoor Fireplace

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The Basics

  • Weather and waterproof
  • Made from 3mm Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Optimum for alfresco or outdoor use
  • Arrives assembled and ready for use
  • Crack-resistant and rust-proof
  • Heavy duty industrial castor wheels
  • 40mm ceramic fire bricks (double the standard)
  • In stock for immediate delivery around Australia/New Zealand
  • 10 year warranty*
  • Made in Turkey by the best Turkish Artesians  


What makes the Sonsy XL so awesome?

The first thing you'll notice about the Sonsy XL is the build quality - these fireplaces are built to last a lifetime, and that's why most of the components are backed by a massive 10 year guarantee. Starting with the steel, Sonsy use 3mm thick marine grade stainless steel, which is the pinnacle in quality, being the best super heavy duty and anti-corrosive stainless steel money can buy. 

In addition to the quality, the Sonsy XL is much more than just a fireplace. With the added accessories, it is capable of cooking almost anything. Add ons include:

The Sonsy XL is a unique creation capable of so much to totally transform your outdoor living space, as well as your entertaining capabilities. Couple this with incredible build quality, and you have one of the finest additions you can make to your home for only a few thousand dollars.


Why choose a Sonsy over other wood fired ovens or fireplaces?

To start, Sonsy use 40mm ceramic fire bricks, where the most common ovens in market use 20mm. Being 40mm, the fire bricks used in the Sonsy are exceptionally  stronger and far more resistant to breaks and cracks. They also provide amazing heat retention within the oven.

The walls of the Sonsy are also insulated with a thick ceramic fibre and blanket for insulation and further heat retention, creating the ultimate space for consistent and intense heat, to enjoy or cook with. This level of quality in their build means that you can touch the back of the Sonsy with your bare hands and it's not overly hot, making it a safer option for those with small children. 

Weighing in at just 120kg, the Sonsy XL fireplace and oven is lightweight and portable, whilst also utilising the strongest in wheels, with heavy duty castor wheels for getting it around. Thanks to the quality of the materials and their contemporary design, they guarantee a long lifetime and flawless operation. With multiple accessories available such as the Wok, Rotisserie, Pizza Oven, Paella Pan, Grill, Skewer Set, Tablet, Plate Pan and Preparation Table you will experience an unforgettable culinary journey.

Finally, the Sonsy XL just looks gorgeous and is an entertainers dream.

The Sonsy XL comes fully assembled (just slide in the flue) and is ready for delivery Australia-wide. 



  • Dimensions

    • External Diameter 950mm

    • Internal Diameter 700mm

    • Height 2500m (2.5m)

    • Weight 120kg

  • Sonsy gives a ten-year warranty on the structural integrity and stainless steel, including the ash drawer. The bricks, castor wheels and grate come with a 5 year warranty and it has a full replacement guarantee on all parts and components of the oven. Warranty is subject to correct installation and start-up as per operating instructions.
  • The oven doesn't requiring being cured before use. 


What's in the box?

  • Sonsy XL Outdoor Fireplace
  • Flue to be slid into place upon set up
  • Operations manual


Does the unit come assembled?
Yes, you only need to attach the flue by sliding it onto the top into the interlocking grooves.

Where is it manufactured?

Can you supply a flue extension for going through an alfresco roof?
Yes, extra 1000mm lengths (200mm diameter) of flue in marine grade stainless steel can be supplied on request, fabricated locally, just allow 1-2 weeks lead time. These will also arrive painted to match your fireplace. It is recommended you engage a mechanical plumber who can install this for you and provide the kit to allow your flue extension to pass through your roof space safely and securely, and importantly to seal it above your roof space to avoid leaks.

Is this unit a genuine heater?
Absolutely, it puts out more heat than a traditional outdoor fireplace due to the double wall insulation, very thick fire bricks, manoeuvrability, and the flue and gather being exposed to your outdoor area. In traditional units these parts are behind a wall.

How heavy is it?

Can you adjust the height of your accessories when cooking?
Yes, there are 4 heights, each hinge sits at a different height.

What is the diameter of the grill?

Is there a way to control the heat?
Yes, the ash draw can be used as an aeration, just open the draw slightly and air rushes into the fire from the grate of close it and the fire will burn slower and less aggressively.

Does the oven need to be cured before use?

What size pizza can fit into the Sonsy?
13 inch.

Is it on wheels?
Yes, 4x industrial castor wheels.

Marine grade stainless steel.

Can this unit sit on a combustible material?
Yes, just put the door on when the fire is roaring.

Useful Links

The Art of Outdoor Living and Gallantoro Guarantee

The Sonsy oven is from The Art of Outdoor Living and Gallantoro and is of the highest quality available.  The products are guaranteed in material quality and craftsmanship.

Any product which is damaged via transport, wear and tear, abuse or misuse does not fall under the product guarantee. Please choose carefully as refunds are not normally provided where you simply changed your mind, made a wrong selection or simply found the goods cheaper elsewhere. We recommend you carefully preview any orders before adding them to your shopping cart and proceeding with your order. 

Refunds will only be provided if the product has not been used and inspected by Gallantoro as in perfect saleable condition, with the original packaging. The buyer is responsible for any return shipping charges, and any damage that may occur in this process. We do not refund shipping.

Sonsy gives a ten-year warranty on the structural integrity and stainless steel, including the ash drawer. The bricks, castor wheels and grate come with a 5 year warranty and it has a full replacement guarantee on all parts and components of the oven. Warranty is subject to correct installation and start-up as per operating instructions.



Freight and Shipping

Due to the size and weight of the Sonsy XL, we cannot give the freight estimate upfront, therefore after purchase, we will contact you with an accurate freight cost. You will then have the option to proceed or cancel the order.

There will also be a few options of how you'd like your Sonsy to be delivered, such as to your nature strip, to a local depot (which would be a lower cost), etc. Please note, they cannot deliver directly into your backyard. 

An estimate for delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane metro areas is approx. $300-500 to your nature strip and to a local depot $150-$200. This is an estimate only.

Once delivered, each oven will require 2 or more people to move it into place. You will need a minimum of 1m clearance/opening through gates or doors to fit the oven through with enough room for those carrying the oven. The fireplace will fit through an 800mm doorway on its side, however, you may need to allow for people carrying it through this space.

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