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The Basics  

  • Carved from Alabaster Stone  formed in the territory of Volterra (a walled mountaintop town) during the Miocene period
  • Made in Tuscany, Italy
  • Pieces are Black and White
  • Includes 24 Piece Checkers Set
  • Chess Pieces come with felt that can be attached to the bottom of the pieces if desired

How is the set made?

After being sourced from the quarry, the Scali Alabastro craftsman, using a band saw, cut from raw alabaster the stone needed for each of the board squares, and place it in a vat with the colour dye for that board. The stone is left there for about twenty days until the colour is fully absorbed into the stone. When the squares are ready, they are dried and then, using a special stone glue, they are put together by hand and set. 

When ready, any excess glue is removed and final checks on the unfinished board and pieces are done, weeding out any imperfections and making certain each piece and surface is perfectly smooth. When everything is cleared, a gloss varnish is applied to the board and pieces.

Each chess piece is cut and crafted by an expert craftsman using his hands, a lathe and some special tools. 



Size of Board

34.7cm x 34.7cm

Size of Square

4cm x 4cm

Height of King


Weight of King


Height of Board


Weight of Board


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    What's in the Box?

    • Board, cushioned in polystyrene packaging for safe transport
    • 32 Chess game pieces
    • 24 Checkers game pieces
    • Board base


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    Nicol Holtzhausen
    Brilliant Product

    The perfect classic / classy chess set, everything I was looking for in a functional centrepiece. Great for a big gift / special occasion