Muhle Closed Comb Safety Razor


A wonder of precision and ergonomics, the Muhle Double Edge Safety Razor boasts a 3-piece, closed comb design. It is perfectly balanced for a close, luxurious shave. With chrome plating and a faux ebony or white handle, this traditional safety razor is classic and stunning.

Ultra Smooth Closed Comb

The level of smoothness upon the comb guard and top of the head is considered to be the very best possible. With superior workmanship and incredible quality materials used to create this razor, many users say they can actually feel the difference on their face when shaving.

3-Piece Design

This safety razor uses a 3-piece design, which makes it marginally more involved compared to a butterfly or duo-clip head when replacing a blade, but it's a small sacrifice to make as you will be rewarded with a very comfortable, easy to use tool.

Superior German Quality

Made in Germany using high quality and durable materials, expertly crafted Muhle safety razors are in a league of their own when it comes to brilliance and excellence.

  • Muhle R106 | R107 Safety Razor Black | White + Polyester Chrome
  • Handcrafted InGermany
  • Chrome Handle
  • Razor Weight64g
  • Double Edge Blade
  • Total Length95mm

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