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Moore & Giles

Moore & Giles Benedict Weekend Bag


"What a beautiful bloody bag!"

That was our reaction when we first laid our eyes upon this masterpiece of leathery goodness. It's absolutely stunning and the leather quality almost makes you never want to use it. It is just so fine.

But you will use it, and you will find its beauty plays second fiddle to its performance as the 
perfect partner for a weekend getaway, with ample interior and expandable sides ensure easy packing and access.


23"L x 11"H x 11"W 

About the Leather


The leather on this piece is the first to receive a Declare Label. This label affirms that the material contains and is tanned with no Red List chemicals, is organic and can be 100% recycled when, generations from now, the life of this bag ends. This designation resets the environmental bar for the tanning industry by considering not just the potential impact of the tanning process, but also how to ensure that the finished product lives as low impact an existence as possible.



This Italian leather combines chrome and vegetable tanning, revealing a smooth, vibrant surface similar to the fashion leathers in higher-end men’s dress shoes. A subtle, natural burnishing effect throughout the hide, gives this leather a classic look with lasting appeal.



Modern Saddle is vegetable tanned leather crafted in a small Tuscan tannery. A process that requires an artisan skillset and old-world practices that remain in only a handful of tanneries worldwide. Without the addition of chemicals to set the dyes, the tanning process never truly ends. You will notice as you use your bag that the leather begins to patina, gradually darkening as it's exposed to the sun, the natural oils on your hands, and the bumps and scrapes of everyday use. This is the process we want you to be aware of and revel in: the bag growing more beautiful with use and age and becoming even more unique to you. Over the course of its life, you can expect Modern Saddle to evolve from its initial golden color, burnishing a rich shade of dark caramel.