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Fisher Rainbow Titanium Nitride Bullet 400RB Space Pen

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The Basics

  • Sliding cap for ease of use
  • Made from Brass with a Titanium Nitride Finish
  • Uses a  Fisher pressurised PR4, black ink, medium point cartridge


    What makes the Space Pen so awesome?


    Rainbow Titanium Bullet Space Pen.  Need we say more?  The Rainbow Titanium finish of this bullet space pen is vibrant, bright, and high end.  Durable just isn’t a good enough word to describe this finish. The titanium plating creates a mirroring that’s not only eye captivating but mesmerizing.  Professionals in any field look for gear that will withstand the elements of their trade, while maintaining their professional standard of style.  This rainbow titanium nitride bullet space pen is the epitome of that statement.


    What makes the Space Pen better than other pens?



    • Length: Open - 5.25" or 13.3cm. Closed - 3.75" or 9.5cm
    • Width: 0.38’’ or 0.96cm
    • Weight: 0.7 oz. or 20g

      More about the Pen

      Conceived in 1948 by Paul C. Fisher, the Bullet has been a part of pop culture over that past half-century. Seen on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and being the focus of the Seinfeld episode entitled ‘The Pen’, this highly sought-after space pen keeps customers coming back, from generation to generation.

      When closed, the Bullet is the perfect size to carry in your wallet, pocket, purse, car glove box, organizer, or toolbox. When open, it’s a full sized, evenly balanced writing instrument that performs in the most unique environments. Like all Fisher Space Pens, this pen will write in zero-gravity, upside down, underwater, over oil and grease, in -50 to +250 degrees Fahrenheit, and three times longer than the average ballpoint pen. Whether you’re a trade professional, writer, teacher, artist, executive, or just someone who appreciates a premium writing experience at an affordable price, this space pen is for you!

      The Bullet design is timeless and elegant, yet it is also extremely durable, something that most ballpoint pens are not known for. When someone says, “I’ve got a Space Pen!”, most of the time they are referring to the Bullet. Again, further evidence of its popularity and solidifying its place in history as a “classic” in the ballpoint pen industry.

      Customer Reviews

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      Caroline Winter
      No ordinary pen

      The Fisher Bullet/ Space Pen is no ordinary pen. The technology is amazing, and that includes the titanium finish. It's compact and very stylish. I wish I had bought one years ago - it's all I would have needed.