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Field Notes

Field Notes Pitch Black Ruled 2 Pack

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Large style 4¾" x 7½" 64 Pages Duplex Cover

We’ve been making Field Notes for ten years now, and – with a few exceptions – they’ve always fit in your pocket. Customers often request bigger books with the same features as our regular Field Notes, and we’ve only obliged once, with the “Arts and Sciences” limited edition. When those sold out, the requests kept coming, but we sought the right formula to fit a larger “Note Book” into our permanent collection.

Our popular “Pitch Black” memo book eventually gave us the inspiration we needed: we improved the original dot-graph version, added a ruled version, and further expanded the line to include larger “Note Book” versions. 

These new Field Notes Pitch Black Note Books are available in 2-Packs and they’re bound with glossy black staples and sturdy 118# covers featuring new, Field Notes-exclusive black/kraft duplex paper from French Paper Co. Both feature a new Pitch Black logo discreetly printed on the back.

These 4-3/4" × 7-1/2" books allow more room for textual flim-flam, so we added some possibly-useful information regarding light and darkness to the inside covers of the Note Books, along with our usual Specifications and Practical Applications.

We’re excited to finally offer larger Field Notes in our permanent collection. We’ll always argue that “kraft is the new black,” but why not have both? You’ll find that they match every outfit, and Field Notes have never felt more at home on Main Street, Wall Street, and all the dark alleys in between.




Customer Reviews

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Adrian Chester
Hipster Notebook

I have bought these previously, they are a good size for travel journaling and quite tough, no good for fountain pens, but with ballpoints they are good, and for my mechanical pen they are great. There are cheaper notebooks around, but these ones are quite a minimalist design that appeals to me.