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"Apollo through Clouds"


Saturn V Rocket

This print shows the Saturn V Rocket as used during the Apollo missions, breaking through heavy cloud on its way out of the atmosphere of Earth. Created using a composite of two images, meticulously detailed and refined to bring you this final image.

Printed on 200mi high-quality paper and delivered in a solid mailing tube. Sizes are not exact, depending on the image. Prints are UV and water-resistant.

Small: 290mm x 400mm approx.
Medium: 370mm x 500mm approx. 
Large: 470mm x 609mm approx.


Cost per Launch
$185 million in 1969–1971
Height 363ft / 110.6m
6,540,000 lb (2,970,000 kg)
Total Launches
First Flight
November 9, 1967