Truefitt and Hill

In 1805, William Francis Truefitt opened his first Gentlemen's Barber Shop at 2 Cross-Lane, Long Acre London. In 1811 he moved the business to 40 Old Bond Street and established himself as "Court Hair Cutter" and "Court Head Dresser" where, along with his sole employee, his brother Peter, he was soon to become Wigmaker, by Royal Appointment to His Majesty, King George III.

Throughout the early part of the 19th century, when regular visits to the barber were essential to facilitate the wearing of wigs by Gentlemen, Old Bond Street became increasingly more fashionable and the Truefitt's barber shop flourished.

Truefitts occupies the position of one of the leading men's barber shops in the World. Glancing at the appointments book, it reads like pages from Debrett's and Who's Who. Clients include Members of the male line of the Royal Family, Members of visiting Royal Households, Captains of Industry, Members of both Houses of Parliament, the City, the Theatre, Ambassadors and the Diplomatic Service, visiting Dignitaries, the Professions, the Arts, and all other strata of British Society. A haircut, a shave with hot towels, and a manicure at Truefitt & Hill leaves a gentlemen ready to face the world knowing that he has been well and truly groomed for the occasion, whatever it may be, by one of England's Hairdressing Aristocracy.