Martenero | New York

Martenero timepieces are specifically crafted to be versatile, resilient, reliable and classically stunning in design. They are clean, well proportioned designs, and minimalistic, keeping just the bare essentials to a classic watch. 

One aspect that sets Martenero apart is the customisation that you can perform on each watch. This way you and your customers can have their own unique style to match their personality, selecting the colour of the dial, hands and strap.

In an age where most things have gone digital, a mechanical watch is a rare holdout. No batteries. No circuit boards. A delicate balance of gears, springs, and weights. One of the few expressions of style available to most men, while also serving a practical purpose. But more importantly, a mechanical watch is a reminder to self and to others that time is scarce, and not to be misspent.

Once you place your order, your Martenero’s will be hand built in their New York facility. Following the build process, the watch will be regulated to ensure maximum accuracy prior to shipping.

All of these watches offer premium features such as mechanical movements, sapphire crystals, and high water resistance. These watches are guaranteed to be free of defects and work reliably for at least 2 years, but are expected to last for decades and longer with minimal maintenance.