Danny P.

Danny P. Leather Goods now available in Australia 

Danny P. Leather started with “Scuffgate” and a question: How can I protect my iPhone 5's black aluminum edges? Danny held off putting his in a protective case, because, well, he liked admiring the phone's unique design and didn't want to cover it up in some cheap plastic case.

So he started to brainstorm ways to fix the problem. There are two things he is never without – his iPhone and my wallet. So why not buy a wallet case that could easily accommodate both cash, credit cards and phone?

Long story short, one thing led to another and result was a decision to manufacture his own leather wallet with a built-in case for an iPhone.

A few things were clear to Danny P from the very beginning: if they want to conquer the world with a top-notch product, they must settle for nothing but the best possible materials, work with the most skilled people in the industry and produce our products where there’s a proven track record.

They finally found the perfect manufacturer in the heart of Europe - the Czech Republic. Unlike many others around the world, these guys have been working with leather for more than 100 years! We wish you could see how they work their magic.

The rest is history