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Top 10 Luxury Chess Sets In Australia

June 16, 2021 4 Minutes

Thanks to a recent surge in popularity, more and more people are getting into chess - and as a result, are looking for some premiumchess sets in Australia to practice and master the game. 

Are you eager to make the upgrade from online chess? Below, we’ve put together a list of 10 premiumchess sets in Australia that are worth checking out - take a look! 

1. Nero Bruno Alabaster Stone Chess & Checkers Set | Scali Alabastro

First on our list of luxurychess sets in Australia, we have this Nero Bruno Alabaster Stone Chess & Checkers Set by Scali Alabastro - made from Alabaster stone in the mountaintop town of Volterra. The board has a hefty weight of 3.8kg, and includes a contemporary range of black and white chess and checker pieces.

Whether you’re using this chess set for decorative purposes or to showcase your Queen’s Gambit, it makes an elegant addition to any household. 

2. The Classic Chess Set | Hrachya Ohanyan

This stunner of a chess set is the brand of choice of Vladamir Putin, who has a table-top version in his Moscow office. This set is made of a single piece of beech wood, and is hand made and carved


3. Classic Metal/ Wood Chess Set | Italfama 

If you’re looking for a more traditional-looking set, check out this Classic Metal/ Wood Chess Set by Italfama. The Italian-made board is crafted with premium materials for satisfying gameplay - including an eco-leather. 

To top it off, the set is also reversible for backgammon and checkers - perfect for those looking to shake-up their strategy gaming from time to time. 

4. Classic Chess Set | Italfama 

Another iconic set by Italfama is this Italian-made Classic Chess Set - with hand-crafted metal and wooden pieces. The square-shaped board has a length of 12.5 inches on each side, with a depth slightly over 2-inches - while the king stands tall at roughly 3-inches. 

The board also includes an elegant compartment for storing the pieces between matches. 

5. Alabaster Stone Chess Set | Scali Alabaster

For chess-men looking for a bold-looking set that’ll leave an impact, consider this Alabaster Stone Chess Set by Scali Alabaster. It’s carved and crafted from Alabaster stone in a walled mountaintop town in Tuscany. 

After cutting from raw Alabaster stone, each board is placed in a vat with colour and dye, then left to sit for 20 days. Once ready, the squares are dried and put together by hand. Any imperfections are weeding-out in the final checks, followed by a gloss varnish over the entire set. 

The set comes with white and brown pieces, with separate felt that can be attached if desired. 

6. French Chess Set | Italfama 

Another meticulously crafted piece by Italfama is this Italian-made French Chess Set. It’s made from a fine Briar Elm Wood, with a premium and seamless glossy finish - easy for any chess enthusiast to admire. As for the chess-pieces, they’re made from either gold or silver with solid brass and wooden material. 

The set also includes deluxe wooden compartments, lined with a soft eco-leather, for storing either chess or checker pieces. 

7. Camelot Chess Set | Royal Selangor 

Inspired by the legendary tales of King Arthur, this Camelot Chess Set by Royal Selangor takes a unique perspective on this age-old game. The set includes a 2.5-inch high wooden board with pewter squares. 

The detail of the solid pewter pieces is impressive, to say the least, with intricate features despite the smaller statue. When it comes to storing these pieces, the lid of the chessboard will lift to expose the compartment. 

The unique design and fascinating pieces of this chessboard make it an extremely intriguing set to own. 

8. Bianco Nero Alabaster Stone Chess Set | Scali Alabaster

This Bianco Nero Alabaster Stone Chess Set by Scali Alabaster is another great piece worth taking a look at - with astonishing detail and colour scheme that easily turns heads and grabs attention. 

Just like with the other Scali Alabaster boards, this piece has a strong 4kg weight, and is handcrafted from Alabaster Stone formed in Volterra. Though this particular piece has a very sleek, yet traditional black and white colour scheme across the design - which is very easy to admire. 

9. Star Wars Classic Chess Set | Royal Selangor 

For those Star Wars fanatics out there, you simply can’t look past this Star Wars Classic Chess Set by Royal Selangor. Each piece represents various iconic characters from Episode IV to VI. The two opposing sides represent the separate forces in the series - the Rebel Alliance and Imperial Army. 

The pewter chess pieces are enhanced with bonded porcelain plinths and a sleek grey or matte black finish - all sitting above a tempered glass board. 

10. Large Arabesque Staunton Metal & Wood Chess Set | Italfama 

To round out our picks of luxuriouschess sets in Australia, we have this magnificent Large Arabesque Staunton Metal & Wood Chess Set by Italfama. It’s elegantly designed to make a statement in any home - combining the classic Persian Staunton chess set with an Elm Burl case. 

The pieces feature a unique, metal arabesque design above either natural or dark wood to distinguish the opposing sides. As for the case, it was skillfully crafted to feature solid fruitwood sides with a molded profile and a top made from elmwood burl and maple veneer. 

It’s much more than a simple chess set - it’s a work of art! 

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