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Easy Accessories That Make a Massive Difference

March 29, 2018 3 Minutes

An article by Samuel Wines

It’s 2018, and as a guy, we are always on the lookout for styling tips and advice that will make our life (as a male) that much easier; we’re simple beings.

As such, we have decided to curate a unique list of simple accessories you can incorporate into your daily routine that will make the world of difference.


01 - TIE BAR

Whether you’re putting together a suit for a special occasion or you're just looking to step up your sartorial game, accessorising your overall look is an easy hack to standing out and turning heads… in a good way.

One of the easiest ways of accessorising your overall look is by adding a tie bar to your getup. Prominent in design but subtle enough to not take away from your outfit, the tie bar will sit approximately three buttons from the top of your collar, keeping your tie in shape.

Your tie bar shouldn’t be too thick in width (or too thin for that matter), and the colour should complement your other accessories (i.e. silver tie bar with a silver belt, silver watch and/or silver detailing of your shoe).



Your scent personifies who you are. Impressions are made on that initial smell which can last a lifetime; it’s a very strong connection an individual can make. So, ensuring that your scent not only suits you but is working for your skin/image is extremely important.

Take the time to shop around. Take testers home and see if the cologne works on your skin. Remember: Eau de Toilettes are not as strong as Eau de Colognes. With a cologne, three spritzes on the neck and wrist should do it. Don’t rub, just spray.

Try this: Solid State is a practical, compact, highly concentrated wax cologne that you can literally take with you anywhere. Perfect for the man on the go.



Telling time, in itself, would make a world of difference to the time-poor gentleman. Keep ahead of time (and style) with a reputable daily timepiece. In an age where technology takes precedence, it may be easier to glance at your iPhone for the time, but there isn’t a smart product out there that looks as elegant as a traditional watch on your wrist.

Try this:Martenero Marquis create beautiful timepieces in New York City. Using trust Japanese movement paired beautifully with Italian leather straps, this piece is a staple that will last a lifetime.



You’ve made the investment of purchasing those beautiful dress shoes (or sneakers for that matter), which are going to see you looking stylish and sharp for years to come.

But, cleaning and maintaining your investment pieces (such as a Goodyear welted pair of dress shoes) is all part of the deal to ensure their longevity.

One of the best hacks for doing so, and an accessory every man should have, is a good shoe cleaning kit.

Featuring a brush, polish and repellent spray, these are the essentials for ensuring the long life and happy wear from your shoes.

Try this:A practical toolkit made by British shoemakers, Loake, who are experts in the field.



Whether you are an avid traveller or constantly on the move, it’s important that you have all the right tools for whatever your day will through at you.

Don’t want to carry a bag around, that’s fine. A handy Dopp Kit will more than suffice. With the ability to store a range of your personal items such as headphones, cables, sunglasses and anything in between, this is one accessory that will save you time and space, should you chuck it in your bag.

Try this:https://www.gallantoro.com/collections/mens-leather-goods/products/this-is-ground-tech-dopp-kit-2


Samuel Wines is a Gallantoro contributor and heads manofstyle.com.au, a fashion and lifestyle blog curated for the discerning gentleman. He can also be found on instagram via samwines_






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