7 Organisational Products That Make Travelling Effortless

April 20, 2019 3 Minutes

Jetting off to a new destination can be one of the most exciting experiences…minus the frustrations of packing. Without a prior plan, you could spend hours on end organising your belongings only to discover an overwhelming mess upon arrival. Rather than dedicating more time towards reorganising your luggage over and over again, it may be worth investing in a simpler solution.

Coming in all kinds of shapes and sizes, organisational travel products are changing the way you think about packing. Ranging from passport wallets to packing cubes, these products are designed to ease the frustrations of travel and prevent the misplacement of any precious items. So without further ado, here are seven organisational products to help make your next journey a breeze.


A Wash Bag

A staple of any domestic or international trip; packing a quality wash bag can keep your grooming essentials in one simple location. Don’t run the risk of scattering your toiletries throughout your suitcase, inevitably leading to a spill. Instead, pack a resistant wash bag to last multiple trips. After all, you’ll likely be reaching for It time and time again. The Waxed Canvas Wash Bag by Gentleman’s Hardware is a cost-effective option with a grey wax-canvas material and plenty of room for your belongings.


Passport Wallet

Since it’s one of the most valuable items with you, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping your passport safe with a reliable passport wallet. Freely carrying your passport or utilising an ineffective passport wallet can lead to all sorts of trouble, overall leaving you in a rather unfortunate situation if you end up losing it. Prior to your departure, it may be wise to invest in a quality, distinctive passport wallet that’s easy to recognise and effortless to use. The Danny P Passport Wallet is a suitable option, including a slim, leather design and various slots for international currencies.



Packing Cubes

Especially after picking up your suitcase upon arrival, you’ll quickly realise it doesn’t take much for your neatly folded clothes to transform into an unspeakable mess. The solution? Packing cubes. With one zip, you can neatly place all your clothes, outfits, etc. into designated spots that won’t shift mid-flight. To top it off, these products can significantly help you to fit more into your suitcase.


A Comfortable Carry-On

Since you’ll be spending most of your time with a carry on bag, ensuring you have chosen a comfortable, easy to use product is of utmost importance. Selecting a bag that’s frustrating to use will only waste your time and money. Instead, invest your funds in a bag that’s going to stick around for the long haul. When choosing a backpack, opt for one with various compartments for all your electronics, including a laptop or tablet sleeve.


Cord Organiser

Although they are often carelessly thrown into our carry-on luggage over and over again, there’s nothing fun about unravelling your phone charger or earplugs. When will we learn? Investing in a tech dopp kit can keep all your loose cords in one convenient location. This Is Ground’s Tech Dopp Kit is an ideal product, including space for not only your cords, but also headphones, adaptors, and more.



Watch Travel Case

Especially if you’re packing more than one watch, a travel case specifically designed for your time-pieces offers many benefits to travellers. By bringing along a quality, durable watch-case, you can find your accessories effortlessly and prevent any breakages from rough suitcase handling.


Tie Case

A tie case proves to be a necessity of every business trip, helping you to achieve a professional look while on the go. This addition can keep your ties looking fresh and clean while eliminating the risk of folds or creases. The Moore And Giles Evans Tie Case can hold up to 4 ties, keeping them secure with elasticised leather.






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