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4 Travel hacks from take off to landing

July 02, 2018 3 Minutes

Travelling for most of us isn't the most pleasant experience, especially if you narrow it down to the actual travel portion, being from packing until checking into your hotel. But of course, it doesn't have to be that way, so we're going to share with you some simple tips and ideas to help to make your experiences of packing, in the terminals, in flight and disembarking, way more pleasant and organised, so you can stress less and enjoy the journey more.


Gallantoro's Simple Tip: Get yourself a packing list app like Packing List if a pen and paper isn't for you. That way you will never forget something to take or bring back, and it just sets you up for a more structured approach to what you actually do and don't need to take.

Make packing for your flight as simple and an organised as possible, to set yourself up for a hassle-free journey from the get-go. For domestic trips, you may be able to use a garment sleeve to hang your shirts and suits in the cabin, so that when you land you are ready to go with no iron necessary.

Again, if you are travelling for business and require a few tie variants as well as dress shoes, a good tie case and shoe bag can come in handy whilst packing to avoid any unnecessary ruffling of your ties or compressing of your shoes; and packing everything neatly into a good carry one ready duffle bag, like the Monaco Weekender which can be connected to your rolling luggage, removing the chances of your bag falling off and making the terminal journey a whole lot easier.


Gallantoro's Simple Tip: Put all your metal in your carry on bag before hitting the terminal. Also, have your laptop at the top of your bag ready to remove. This ensures you breeze through the security checkpoint without fumbling and stressing about, buzzing and beeping whilst trying to keep an eye on your gear as it sits at the end of the scanning belt.

Manage check-in and security with ease with a Mod Tablet 4 or Laptop Mod from This Is Ground. These beautifully crafted pieces are so practical, you'll wonder what you ever did without them. They provide one single and secure place to neatly and stylishly store all your documents, cables, iPad, phone, passport, boarding pass, cash and more, making passing through the checkpoints a whole lot less troublesome.


In Flight

Gallantoro's Simple Tip: Always request the emergency exit. The added legroom is a Godsend and if there is an emergency, who better to stand up and take action than you.

Once you're in your seat, you're going to want to have everything for your journey at your fingertips. That's where the Dopp Kit comes into play, providing a compact leather station to hold your headphones and tech accessories that you may require during the flight, or when landing in a foreign airport and needing a power adaptor on hand. It's small enough that you can keep it under the seat in front of you as opposed to having to fish it out of the overhead locker.


Gallantoro's Simple Tip: Grab some travel mouthwash. When you're sweet talking US customs after travelling from Kazakhstan on business, don't add to the pain you're about to go through by hitting the immigration agents with deadly nerve gas emanating from your mouth.

Here is probably the most common mistake travellers make, not thinking of the odour they may be emitting after so long trapped in a steel tin. Grab some Solid Cologne to freshen up when entering a new city or country, especially if you're not going straight to the hotel or travelling with company. They are super small, smell fantastic and are non-liquid, meaning there is zero chance of spillage. Grab some face fuel to splash on and you'll be leaving the airport feeling like a million dollars, and smelling like it too.

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