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7 Quick Tips to Improve your Manliness

June 17, 2015 2 Minutes

A modern gentleman is always striving to better himself. We will never be perfect, but striving for perfection is what makes us great, and constantly improving and refining. So here are 7 simple  things to do to up your game...

1. Dress to Impress

It may be very easy to get into the habit of throwing on a pair of runners and shorts when heading down to the shops, but make the effort to dress decently wherever you go, as you never know who you may run into. Also, like a good fresh haircut, dressing well increases self confidence dramatically. 


2. Workout Daily

No brainer. Look after yourself physically, which you should already be doing. 


3. Be World Wise

That is, keep abreast of goings on around the world. You don't need to be glued to the news, but having a grasp of recent events is handy to have in your repertoire. 


4. Feed Your Mind

Every day, make the effort to read. I'm talking about books too, not GQ magazine. Your mind is not to be neglected. Take a page out of Warren Buffett's book... or many books, he reads 5 hours a day!


5. El Natural

Take time to get back to nature every now and then, whether it be camping, a hike, or a simple stroll in the park. Let your feet feel the Earth.


6. Learn Something Physical

Now a days, we know less and less about things that used to be staples for me to know. If you can't change a tyre, do basic plumbing, or create something with timber, do a course and learn the basics. 


7. Be Positive

No one likes a complainer, and your life is likely better than most. Enjoy knowing that and give back to the world.



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