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Bond's New Ride : The 'Spectre' Aston Martin DB10

March 11, 2015 3 Minutes

The Re Invention of a Masterpiece

Aston Martin DB10

It's always an exciting time when the release of a new Bond film is looming, especially in recent years with the astonishingly high calibre of story, cinematography and performance coming out of the Daniel Craig franchise, being of course Casino Royale, Skyfall, and to a lesser extent, Quantum of Solace. Part of the excitement, particularly for men like myself, is the representation of gadgets and automobiles - namely, Aston Martins. A primary example of this representation is the appearance and use of the 1965 DB5 in Skyfall. It was beautiful, fitting, and a great homage to the roots of Bond and the 50 year relationship Bond has with Aston Martin.

Classic Bond Cars

Now we have Spectre. The twenty-fourth film in the James Bond jacket, with Daniel Craig reprising his legacy as the super spy for the fourth time. Opposite Daniel will be Cristoph Waltz (potential nemesis), but more importantly for us, Craig will be joined by a brand new (and custom) car, the DB10 - an aggressive coupe sure to be packed with some serious punch (and weaponry).



Aston Martin DB10 

The Car

The Aston Martin DB10 | a 4.7L V8, 6 speed manual, front engine rear wheel drive 2 door coupe. Unfortunately, we have not had access to performance stats, but let's assume it's quick, around the 4 second mark for 0-100km p/h, based on previous model performance.

Aston Martin DB10     Aston Martin DB10

The DB10 was unveiled by Sam Mendes and Barbara Broccoli, the director and producer of Spectre, a car designed 'specifically for the film', with Sam Mendes apparently playing an integral part in its design. Ten units of the DB10 were hand built in, giving "a glimpse to the future design direction for the next generation of Aston Martins."

"Sam Mendes wanted this to be the poster car for every boy who watches James Bond for the first time. - Aston Martin design director Marek Reichman.

Like a true MI6 operator, Marek Reichman gives little more information about the elusive DB10 away. We do know the car (feels wrong to simply keep calling it, a 'car') has 'a big part to play' in the story of Spectre. "It's going to do some things you might not expect."

"The DB5 is pure, it's simple, it has a grille to die for. It's a scalpel not a kitchen knife...just like the original DB5 was. - Marek Reichman

Marek, particularly fond of the aforementioned front end, was inspired by funnily enough, sharks. "The grille doesn't sit on the upper surface in any way," Marek explains. "It's all on a negative surface, like a shark's face. This car has the lowest nose that we've ever produced."

Aston Martin DB10 Daniel Craig

In the end, it seems the new DB10 follows closer along with Daniel Craig's portrayal of Bond, in a darker and more aggressive shade. The team wanted the car to reflect this, to look like a predator, a hunter. It seems they have hit the mark.

So, will any of those ten cars be for sale? Sadly no, says Marek. "They're solely for film use. Some may get destroyed. They'll be treated harshly, used in real stunts. When you see the car in the movie, it's not CGI. It's got a real driver in it (or on it, as we see in the imagery). It's being pushed to its limits..."

Aston Martin DB10

After that depressing news, here's something to cheer you up... a clip of the DB10 drifting along with a Jaguar C-X75, whist filming, of course.

Spectre is due for release on November 6 this year. A long while to wait. Follow along with updates via Spectre on Facebook.


Aston Martin DB10Bond Spectre 

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