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Top Style Tips for the Time Poor Gentleman

November 24, 2018 4 Minutes

Being a stylish gentleman about town can be quite the difficult task. From work duties to dinner dates; family outings and drinks with mates, time management is extremely important for your world to keep on spinning.

But amongst the hustle and bustle of your busy life, where does your needs come into the picture? Are you keeping styled and well groomed? Do you present yourself in a respectable manner? Don’t be the time-poor gentleman; manage the free time you have effectively and efficiently.

To help our gentlemanly friends, we have decided to throw in our two-cents and curate the best styling tips for the time-poor gentleman. You’ll thank us later, gents….


Grooming is extremely important. Not only is it the first and last thing you (should) do each and every day, but there’s a clear correlation between those who do it well and those who don’t.

Building up a grooming routine will save you precious time in the end, as well as having to go through expensive and timely alternatives to getting you back into shape (i.e. multiple dentist visits). The most important things to cover are:

Teeth – Ensure you brush twice, daily. There is nothing more damaging to a first impression than a man with bad breath
Hair – Invest a little more into your haircuts and you will see wonders. Find a reputable barber that you can build rapport with, and schedule an appointment every 4-6 weeks. Try Baxter of California soft water pomade for a light hold with a shine finish.

Face– Looking after your face is extremely important. Ensure you wash your face, daily, to rid away any toxins and dirt build up through sweat and day-to-day activities. Moisturising is key to keeping your skin looking fresh and radiating (as opposed to dry and dull). Hunter Lab’s daily toolkit will keep you in check.


Do you ever find yourself wearing the same shirt, tie, suit combination on the daily? On the weekend, the same t-shirt and jeans? Do yourself a favour and pencil in a Sunday afternoon to go shopping. Unless you have a reliable mate, go alone as different influencers and opinions can be detrimental to your shopping-day success.

When shopping for a new wardrobe, make sure that you keep one key factor in the back of your mind when making decisions: versatility.

Opt for wardrobe staples that you will not only be able to wear daily, but that will pair well with a range of different styles, inevitably saving you a whole bunch of ‘styling time’ in the process.

For example, your shopping list should include:

A good pair of denim jeans
Tailored chinos
Basic crew neck t-shirts
One oxford-cotton button down shirt; one linen shirt; one over shirt
A cotton sweater
A bomber jacket
A casual blazer
A white pair of low-cut sneakers
A pair of Oxford brogues

All the items mentioned above not only look great on their own respectively but can be layered, mixed and matched for a whole range of styling options. Remember to be smart with your shopping. However, do not compromise on quality for cost.


As aforementioned, compromising on quality for cost will more often than not do you no favours. There are some specific items that a man should invest a small amount of time and money into, as once purchased, you won’t have to worry about doing so again for quite some time. These items we speak of, for example, include:


You would be quite naïve to think that you can get away with purchasing a suit under $500. Rule of thumb; unless your suit is made from 100% merino wool, forget about it. Avoid ‘fused’ suits, which is practically a suit glued together, which will only fall apart over time. Instead, opt for a stitched, half-canvas suit. You will get great wear from this suit, as it moulds to your body shape over time. Being from a merino wool fibre, your suit will breathe and regulate body temperature (avoiding odour and sweat in those heated moments).

They say that you can tell a lot about a man by the shoes he wears. This is a simple one; rather than spending $200-$300 on average dress shoes that will eventually fall apart, spend $500 and invest in a pair of Goodyear welted shoes that will last a lifetime, through service and care.


The ultimate sign of a gentleman is one with courtesy, manners and respect. Take points from the style icons of the past, who undoubtedly lived by this gentlemanly code. To sharpen up your etiquette, you can’t go past reading a classic novel. Although this is a time-based suggestion, you will pick up a range of tips, advice and ideas that you will undoubtedly be able to put to use, helping you in a range of areas, including your style. Here is some suggested literature to sharpen up your etiquette:

The Gentleman’s Handbook

• How to be a Gentleman

The Talented Mr. Ripley

The Great Gatsby


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