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Six Hobbies for the Modern Masculine Man

July 02, 2015 3 Minutes

Make your time off time well spent: Get a hobby

In the time of our fathers and grandfathers, free time wasn't spent splayed out on the lounge staring at our iPhones, or catching up on the latest episode of Breaking Bad (nothing wrong with that though!) It was more likely spent in the pursuit of adventures or craft, one of the cornerstones of what it once meant to be a man. 

We only have one life, and at the end of it, I'd like to look back and think, "Wow, I did that and learnt this". So if you do have some free time (we all do) and want to step up your game and have something more to pass down to your children, get a hobby, man!

Here are six I've picked - if you have some time, pick one and go for it!



My father is a brilliant woodworker. Self taught, and able to build almost anything out of timber, from bookcases to stair cases, to boats and tables. I've always admired that, and his understanding of the different types of wood and their best use. The skill of being able to craft something out of timber and forever be able to say that you created that, is a very desirable one among men. The good thing is, it's very easy to get started, taking a lesson or just trying to build something from scratch, making mistakes and learning. That's the way my father did it.


Car Restoration or Building

This is more for the motor heads among us, but I've always wanted to have a basic grasp of automotive knowledge. If wood work isn't your thing, a larger and very satisfying hobby could be to restore old cars, or build a kit car. 

I've always dreamed of building a Ford GT-40 from a kit, or restoring a classic Porsche 911. It's a hobby you can take your time with over many many years, share it with family and friends, and just enjoy in your free time. At the end of the build, you will have something very unique and special.



This is something not nearly done enough in modern times. We are not in touch with nature as we used to be. The simple act of being alone and at one with nature, away from technology, the city and the worry of a modern life, while enjoying what nature has to offer.

As a hobby, it can be shared with your family or buddies, every so often, exploring new lands, and hone your natural male essence to explore. 



In my opinion, all men should be playing some form of sport, at the least as a hobby. It encourages discipline, team work, physical fitness and general health. Anything from soccer to wrestling to dodge ball or lifting weights, whatever it is, add sports into your hobby arsenal. You'll always be better for it.


Martial Arts

Obviously an extension of sport, however it deserves its own category. Taking up martial arts has the obvious benefit of developing your self defensive skills, something all men should have a basic grasp. There are few things worse than being in an altercation where the safety of your or your family is threatened, and feeling powerless to act and stop the threat.

Apart from that, you'll be able to unleash the male instinct to be in combat, discipline and usually extreme fitness, go hand in hand with the martial arts. 



My favorite. Is there anything greater than flight? If you can afford it and have the time, taking up aviation is something almost any man would love - it's an amazing skill to attain, and should you be fortunate enough to be able to afford it, imagine flying your own plane or helicopter down the coast or around the city.

Feel free and fly, and this can also play into the car restoration hobby, if you choose to restore a vintage aircraft. Now that is the ultimate.


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