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12 Forms of Gentlemanly Etiquette: How many do you do?

May 06, 2015 2 Minutes

How to be a Gentleman

It's the little things that count

We all want to be a better breed of man. We want to be Gentleman, but exactly what does it take to be a Gentleman? I wont be going into great detail on that here, but rather I've identified twelve key points that are very easy to change, and a little change can make a big difference in the overall picture. So, how many of these to you do or do not?


1. Stay Curb Side

When walking with a lady on the streets, always stay nearest to traffic. Not that your body will stop a thundering out of control car, but it is a subtle gesture of protection.


2. Table Manners

If pausing during a meal, the resting position of your knife and fork is having the knife in the 4 o'clock position, blade in. The fork should be on the left side at the 8 o'clock position, tines up. This indicated you are yet to finish your meal. 


3. Eye Contact

Always look the person you are talking to in the eye. It's a subtle yet strong form of connection and will amplify whatever message you intend to get across. 


4. Hands in Pockets?

Minimise having your hands in your pockets, when walking (as you need to be on the ready in case action strikes) and especially whilst talking to another.


5. Punctuality

A Gentleman is never late. It is a primal sign of disrespect, keeping somebody waiting.


6. Rise when a Woman Enters the Room

A rare yet easy habit to pick up. 


7. Courteous to Retail Staff

Few things are less attractive than a man so full of himself that he talks to staff as his subordinates. Be courteous, say please and thank you, and look them in the eye. 


8. Shake that Hand

I still remember almost every limp and pathetic handshake I've received over the years of my life, for all the wrong reasons. Conversely, I remember all the best and firm handshakes for all the right reasons. 


9. Hygiene 

Some days I feel like leaving the house without properly doing my hair or trimming my beard. If I put half the effort into my appearance and cleanliness, I put half the effort into most things for the day. Just like a fresh and great hair cut can fill a man with confidence, so can making sure you're 100% scrubbed up and looking your best.


10. Connect with People

Say hi to the person in the elevator. Strike up a conversation with a stranger. It builds confidence and power.


11. You First

Always allow another to enter a room or elevator before you. But don't make it a big deal.


12. Pick up after yourself

 Leaving a food court? Do you really need someone to pick up your mess? No, you don't. Take your trash to the waste bin yourself.






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