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A Mansion in the Skies

April 29, 2015 1 Minutes

$760 Million Boeing converted into the penultimate flying experience


"Greenpoint provides you a superior client experience and uses a proven completion process which embodies all disciplines in-house from design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, certification and post-delivery support of custom aircraft interiors. Our on-time delivery rate and repeat customer relationships represent the quality of service you receive."

 Well, that's if you have a spare half billion dollars or so lying around! 

Greenpoint technologies have done it again, releasing digital rendered vision of a near billion dollar Boeing 747-8 converted into an airborne paradise. Restaurant, conference room, staff quarters, luxury bedrooms - nothing is too much or too opulent for Greenpoint. The 747-8 in question has just been delivered to one yet unidentified owner - for the dignified billionaire. 

The master bedroom will make first class feel like a seat in a train carriage from the 1980's. Custom designed furnishings, staircases, multiple lounge areas, a kitchen of course, will take this lucky billionaire and his closest friends around the globe in such comfort, I can't imagine ever wanting to disembark. 

So next time you're sitting in coach, centre seat between two grown men, about to take off for a 14 hour flight and already have a creak in your neck, think of these images and wish...





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