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How to Wear a Tie Bar

October 09, 2014 1 Minutes

Greetings Gentlemen,

This is a simple topic, however all too frequently we see men incorrectly wearing their tie bars, or not wearing one altogether as they're not sure what the correct use of one should look like. Let's break it down.

The tie bar. A classic menswear accessory and a small detail that can complete an outfit and add a little touch of sophistication to an otherwise standard suit. We are currently seeing a comeback of the tie bar into men's styling. 

The purpose of a tie bar is to fasten your tie to the placket of your shirt, mainly to keep your tie in place and reduce tie flight and sway. 

The position of your tie bar should be between the third and fourth buttons on your shirt, around your sternum.

The width of a tie bar should never be wider than your tie, but generally wider than one inch. 




  • Always keep your tie bar completely horizontal 

  • Slightly raise your tie just before securing your tie bar, to create depth and a visual aesthetic

  • Only wear a gold tie bar if you have a matching ring, watch or belt buckle. If unsure, silver is your safety

Illustrations by Michael Hoeweler as found on


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