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9 Wise Things To Do Before Bed Every Night

Juli 07, 2015 2 Minutes

Want to have an accomplished and successful day? 

It all starts the night before. Getting yourself ready and primed for not only a good nights sleep but also mentally and physically primed to launch yourself into tomorrow, is the best way to squeeze the best out of the 24 hours you have. The last thing you want to do is wake up every morning, scrambling to start your day, packing your bags, feeling groggy, and just being on the proverbial back foot. Start off strong with these nine tips...

  1. Limit caffeine in the afternoon: caffeine has a half life of just under six hours, meaning that after six hours, your body still has half the caffeine from your coffee in your system. After 5pm, keep it to a minimum.

  2. Pack for tomorrow: get everything you need, your bags, gym gear, lunch, all ready to rock & roll, so in the morning all you need to do is pick them up and walk out the door. 

  3. Disconnect from your devices: in the last hour before bed, turn off all the electronics you can. This means your smartphone, laptop, tv. The light in the phone and laptop in particular replicate the rays of the sun, signalling to your body that it's day time - not very conducive to sleep. 

  4. Shower before bed: rather than the next morning. You'll sleep better when you're clean and crisp.

  5. Review your schedule: even just scanning your diary or calendar for tomorrow's events can help you mentally map out time allotments for your morning, and what you need to do by when, to have a successful day. 

  6. Pick your major goal: that you need to accomplish tomorrow to have a great day.

  7. Read: it's relaxing, and of course, feeds your mind. 

  8. It's black as pitch!: Dim your lights before bed, and when you do go to sleep, make sure the room is a dark as can be. It can mean a far better sleep pattern. 

  9. Lavender: spray your pillow and sheets with a light lavender spray, which can amplify a feeling of calm. 





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