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Pathetic excuse for a man bashes litter of puppies to death: What would you do?

März 14, 2015 2 Minutes

Destroy him.

As a man who can somewhat bear gruesome images and merely grimace at the news of murders and killings, the idea of hurting an innocent animal is something I like many, cannot bear to even think about. I’ve always believed a dog is a mans best friend, and that everyone should have the joy and companionship of a dog at least once in their lives, it surely changed me for the better.

Here we have Nathan Thompson, who pleaded guilty to brutally and savagely beating a litter of little innocent puppies to death, with rocks. 

This isn’t a man. This is a deranged psychopathic sociopath who needs to be removed from society, permanently. When I saw this on my news feed this morning, I was furious. How could a human being do that to an animal. Just the other day I saw a video of machete wielding thieves stopping mid robbery to pat a dog. Here we have some messed up people robbing a place with obvious malice, but even they (video below) not only wouldn’t hurt an innocent puppy, they stopped to pat the little fella! 

Fortunately, one puppy, aptly named ‘Lucky’, survived. I can only imagine the satisfying irony of having ‘Lucky’ grow up to maul this scumbag back to hell where he came from. 

I’d love to snap that finger off and feed it to ‘Lucky'

A witness, walking their own dogs at the time, saw Thompson killing some of the nine he ended up killing, by clubbing them over the head with a rock, then throwing them into a bush. How that witness managed to restrain himself or herself I do not know. 

Here’s the problem. This crime has a maximum penalty of only two years in jail and/or a fine of $22,000. Let’s rest assured he will not get any maximum sentence, knowing the state of our judicial system. But even if he did, this pyschopath will be loose on the streets by the time he’s 27. A scary thought. To further add fuel to the fire, it is understood that this scumbag collected the dogs from a man advertising them on Gumtree, before executing them - indicating he killed the pups for the sake of killing them. We have the makings of a real contributor to society right here! 

And this finger can be dessert

The soulless oxygen thief is of course out on bail, and will be sentenced on April 28. 

Begs the question, what would you do, if you witnessed such a horrific act of cruelty? 



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