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Unistellar eVscope 2

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Begin your own journey of exploration: discover the most powerful smart telescope. Spend more time exploring space with no manual calibration.

The Basics

  • Immersive Galactic Experience
  • Enhanced Vision Technology
  • Nikon Eyepiece
  • Field of view: 34 Arcmin x 47 Arcmin
  • Image resolution: 7.7 Mpx
  • App Controlled


What makes the Unistellar eVscope2 so awesome?

No need for constellation knowledge, no polar star alignment: The eVscope 2 combined with the Unistellar app will automatically point & track your desired object. Spend more time exploring space and less setting up and calibrating. Our system instantly recognizes the objects in its field of view by comparing what it sees with a coordinate database of tens of millions of stars.

This allows Unistellar’s automated tracking and pointing system to be extremely accurate and easy-to-use, making it by far the most user friendly telescope on the market.  


Why Choose a Unistellar over other Telescopes?

Enhanced Vision Technology 

100x more powerful than a regular telescope.

Enhanced Vision is patented proprietary technology that allows a live observation of faint objects thanks to the live accumulation of the light we receive from them. Galaxies, nebulae and comets finally become visible, colourful and detailed.

Depending on observing conditions (light pollution, moon phase, weather, etc…) and the objects you are pointing, it can take from a few seconds to several tens of seconds for you to start seeing the beautiful colours and shapes of galaxies and nebulae normally invisible, even through the eyepiece of a large conventional telescope.


Autonomous Field Detection

Smartest, most accurate autonomous pointing-and-tracking software in its class.

The eVscope2 ensures more time exploring space and less time setting up or calibrating. Our system instantly recognizes the objects in its field of view by comparing what it sees with a coordinates database of tens of millions of stars. This allows the eVscope2 automated tracking and pointing system to be extremely accurate and easy to use, making it by far the most user-friendly telescope on the market.

Autonomous Field Detection also allows it to inform you about what you are observing (distance from the Earth, etc.).


Smart Light Pollution Reduction

Urban space-lovers to finally enjoy astronomy.

Light pollution renders celestial objects invisible to the human eye and conventional ‘direct-view’ telescopes, because the human brain cannot filter, process and prioritize light sources. Even cameras and computers are challenged by light pollution, which creates “noise” on images, blurs objects and distorts shapes. It can be challenging or impossible to create crisp, beautiful images when you are faced with light pollution. 

Unistellar’s proprietary software mitigates the impact of light pollution and allows for distant objects to be observed in crisp detail, even from bright inner-city environments. For each observation, Unistellar’s technology swiftly identifies background light, then automatically filters and removes this unwanted light, delivering the best possible image parameters and results. Users benefit from more precise images with better contrasts and colors, regardless of the level of brightness of the sky (urban light pollution, moonlight).


A Dedicated App

Mission control for your outer space explorations

With the push of a button and tap of the app, your eVscope2 recommends the most spectacular targets and launches into deep-space observations, in minutes.

With a catalogue of over 5 000 objects to choose from, use the app to learn about and identify cosmic objects, including which objects are ideal for viewing from your location. Save and share your experience with others – in person or virtually – with your connected tech.

The Unistellar app provides captivating educational content and automates your observing experience, so that novices can enjoy their device right away. The app also offers manual controls for advanced users.\


What's in the Box?

  • Unistellar eVscope2




  • Optical Magnification: 50x
  • Digital Magnification: 150x
  • Image resolution:7.7 Mpx
  • Field of view: 34 Arcmin x 47 Arcmin
  • Mirror diameter: 114mm
  • Weight: 9kg
    • Storage capacity: 64 GB.



    We stand by our products. All Unistellar products come with a 2 year warranty.


    What can you see with the Unistellar eVscope2 telescope?

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