Ooni Pizza PEEL - For OONI Pro Portable WoodFired Pizza Oven


The Ooni pizza peel is designed to help you slide your pizzas in and out of the Ooni Pro Pizza Oven. Sorry, but this does not fit the Ooni 3.

 All Ooni Pro ovens need a custom-designed Ooni I pizza peel but you should seriously have an extra one as well. Build your pizza on one peel while one is cooking. Minimise wait, maximise production! By the time you get to the stage of using this, everyone is super hungry, why make them wait for a superb Woodfired Pizza from an Ooni Pizza Oven?

Designed and built from high quality Aluminium

Technical features: 

  • Boxed size: 31cm x 39cm x 1cm
  • Surface size: 40.6cm x 35.5cm
  • Full length including handle: 71cm
  • Material: Aluminium with wooden handle
  • Weight: 670g

Important: The Ooni Pro Pizza Peel has been designed for use with Ooni Pro only and will not fit previous Ooni oven models.


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