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Nachtmann Punk Whisky Tumbler Set

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This stunning 4 piece set is as the title implies. Perfect.

London has long been known for its ability to challenge the status quo and bring an irreverent, quirky touch to innovation. This pulsing city inspired the young generation of upcoming designers from Central Saint Martins, the partner of the 2017 NEXTGEN design competition.

Two winners were selected out of the resulting designs, including the cheekily abrasive PUNK by Anke Buchmann. The design, which is unlike anything seen before in glass, coincides with the 40th anniversary of Punk culture.

"In keeping with the Punk movement, I wanted to rebel and break with the norm,” Anke explains. “I began to sketch some typical surfaces and patterns of punk, such as rivets and grids. Moving on from these literal translations of key Punk visuals, I progressed to a broader interpretation of the movement, letting the attitude shape the form. At the same time, I carefully researched Nachtmann’s approach to texture and patterns so I could merge this with the Punk style."

The series dusts off the concept of traditional crystal homewares and marks its continued evolution into a modern and functional product. "Designing a set of barware featuring areas that break out from the normal shape of the vessel, I broke out of the ordinary. My punk attitude shattered the classic idea of crystal, and marks a juxtaposition between luxury and Punk," emphasizes Buchmann.

  • Designed as a homage to punk culture by designer Anke Buchmann
  • A wholly unique design in crystal glass barware
  • Tumbler glass best suited for whiskey
  • 11.7 oz. Capacity
  • Made from durable crystal glass


    Made in Germany

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    Donny Greco
    One glass was disfigured

    One glass had a flaw. I only ordered 4 so I was somewhat taken back.