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Mr Hawke

Mr Hawke Flex Pomade

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The only hair product you'll ever need.

It’s taken years of thinking and decades of expertise to get to this. Mr Hawke – Flex Pomade 1 is easy to apply, makes your hair look fantastic and smells like a master perfumer was on the team (which funnily enough there is). We know this is good stuff. How can you confirm that? Buy some and test it out. Pretty simple, hey?

What magic is hiding under the lid?

Mr Hawke – Flex Pomade

We were frustrated. Frustrated that there wasn’t a product on the market that could be used correctly at the roots. Frustrated with hair going hard and feeling like plastic. And frustrated that no product helped the hair and regrowth.

Mr Hawke is the answer to our frustration. Give it a go and you'll understand why...

That feels good

The Hawkesters have formulated a product with just the right consistency. It’s not a solid lump you need to dig out or an icky messy goop. It’s a flexible cream that you apply right down to the roots. They’ve called it a ‘flex pomade’. But if that sounds a little too Louis XIII to you, you can always call it ‘product’ or ‘stuff’.

Leave us at home

If you find your hairstyle getting a bit tired towards the end of the day, there's no need to put on more product. All you have to do is wet your hands and run them through your hair to refresh your look. Easy.

Off and on again

They've added ingredients that help to clean your hair and get rid of previous styling stuff. And that kind of action is known to encourage hair growth and keep your scalp in better condition. You don’t need to thank us - it’s all part of the service.

Is that your hair I smell?

As well as helping your hair look fantastic, our product also smells like it came from the expensive section of the perfume counter. That’s because they roped-in one of Australia's top perfumers to make sure your hair’s a treat to the nose as well as the eyes.

HOLD: Mid - High / Remouldable
SHINE: Natural
COLOGNE: A perfunctory delight 
TECH: Mr Hawke Rescue Formula (MHRF). Engineered specifically to repair damage, lock in moisture and reinforce men's hair. 
WORKS FOR: All hair types and lengths. See our instructional videos for examples.