Ooni Optional Gas Burner for OONI 3 & KARU Woodfired Pizza Oven

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Australian certified model meeting the required Standard.

Quickly and easily convert your Ooni 3 or Karu to a gas fired pizza oven!

The Gas Burner for Ooni 3/Karu attaches right onto the back of Ooni 3 and Karu, providing a convenient and easy option to power your oven with gas. Offering the same incredible speed and high heat as using wood pellets, the heat control knob means effortlessly cooking at a range of temperatures. Ooni 3/Karu heats up to 932 ̊F within 10 minutes of firing, ready to cook anything from 60-second pizza to steak.

Important, read before purchase:

  • Gas Burner for outdoor use only.
  • Gas Burner runs on bottled LPG gas only.
  • Gas Burner for Ooni 3 is for use with the door off ONLY
  • Gas Burner for Ooni 3 was designed, tested and approved for use with Ooni 3 and Karu oven. While it physically fits some of our previous models, we have not tested this extensively and therefore cannot guarantee or provide a warranty for using this product with ovens other than Ooni 3 or Karu.

Whats in the Box:

  • Gas Burner for Ooni 3 or Karu
  • 11 WC (28 mbar) regulator with gas hose
  • 2 x 10mm screws and Allen key
  • Extendable match holder
  • Instruction manual

Technical specifications:

  • Materials: 430 stainless steel
  • Size (boxed): 30cm x 31cm x 14cm 
  • Size (burner unit): 16.5cm x 11cm x 23cm 
  • Weight (boxed): 2.5kg
  • Weight (unit): 1.2kg
  • 5.0kWh / 357g/h
  • To be used with LPG gas

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      Mr. Ravi Nair
      Get this!

      Get the gas burner for when you can't be bothered babysitting coal/wood. It seamlessly fits into the Karu and the pizzas are fantastic.