Machine Era Co. Solid Brass Pen

Everyman and everybody should carry around a high-quality pen with them wherever they go. You never know when you need one or be asked for one, and you don't want to hand over a Bic cheapie. Just as bad is a thousand dollar pretentious pen. Here is the middle ground, with a masculine pen that won't break the bank.

It's more than just a pen. It's a writing instrument. 


  • The brass body provides a hefty weight, balance, and exceptionally satisfying in-hand feel 
  • After use, the metal will patina to a spent shell casing golden brown 
  • Ink is delivered by the well-loved Pilot G2 cartridge (included)
  • Also fits: Uni-ball cartridge (signo)
  • Different line weights and colors are readily available
  • Compact design for everyday carry
  • Precision machined in house from solid brass
  • A threaded cap keeps ink where you want it, and not where you don’t
  • Cap can be screwed on the back of the body while in use
  • No rubber O-rings or moving parts that wear out 


  • Length (capped)- 4.6 inches
  • Length (open)- 4.3 inches
  • Width- 0.40 inches
  • Weight- 1.6 oz